The Home Depot Center "Going Green"

As the home of Major League Soccer's LA Galaxy and Chivas USA, The Home Depot Center recognizes its responsibility to help improve local economic, social and environmental conditions.

As a part of owner and operator AEG's corporate environmental program, AEG 1EARTH, The Home Depot Center has developed an Environmental Management System. The Environmental Management System (EMS) guides employees in reducing the environmental impact of Home Depot Center's day to day operations. Employees can login here to access EMS guidelines and forms.

Fans and Guests are invited to read about some of our Environmental Highlights below:

Energy Management

The Home Depot Center is committed to reducing our total electricity consumption by 15% by the end of 2011. To reach this goal we participate in Southern California Edison's Demand Response programs which enable us to reduce usage at our facility when statewide energy demand peaks. In addition to monitoring our energy usage, The Home Depot Center has linked the HVAC and lighting systems to motion sensors throughout the facility so these energy intensive systems are only active when the spaces are occupied.

Recycling and Waste Division

The Home Depot Center's operations team works with various partners, including Waste Management and the Long Beach Conservation Corps, to separate and divert recyclables from our waste stream. In full compliance with California AB 2176 we work every year to document and achieve a minimum of a 50 percent diversion rate.

As part of our effort to expand the diversion programs The Home Depot Center redesigned its front and back of house waste plans in 2011. The facility now diverts CRV recyclables, paper, wood pallets, electronic waste, hazardous waste and universal waste from the landfill.

We also launched a complete recycling initiative, which encourages guests to recycles paper and plastics when they attend an event at The Home Depot Center. You can read more about the recycling program here.


The Home Depot Center ties into an existing grey water reclamation system administered through a local municipality. Grey water from surrounding areas is treated by the municipality making it safe for non-potable uses such as landscape irrigation and industrial processing and cooling. In 2009, an impressive 83 percent of all water consumed at the facility was recycled.

Also in 2009 The Home Depot Center removed the traditional one-gallon flush urinals throughout the facility and replaced them with zero-gallon per use urinals created by Falcon Waterfree Technologies. The Falcon Waterfree urinals save money and time while conserving natural resources.

Sustainable Purchasing

More than 50% of cleaning products purchased for use at The Home Depot Center are "green." Green cleaning products are low in toxicity and minimize the impact on human health and damage to the environment from exposure to and disposal of these products. AEG Purchasing defines these products as being 1.) Professionally certified, 2.) Without ozone depleting substances and low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) and 3.) Non-toxic and biodegradable.

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